What Is Get MORE All About

What Is Get MORE All About?

Your host, Ricardo Berris, is the founder of the MI Group, a guide for non-technical small businesses across the Americas, and Purpusly, helping heart shoppers support the causes they care about. Ricardo has been an entrepreneur for almost 20 years and has been a marketer for 15 of those years. Looking back, he’s seen the value of technology in growing a business but knows that even with a great product, business owners need to be taught how to maximize the current tech to grow at a faster rate. Unfortunately, many don’t know how to use what’s available but with the reach of his new podcast, Ricardo’s goal is to help propel struggling business owners in the way he would have wanted help as a young entrepreneur.

How can MORE help?

-Guests will be coming on to discuss a variety of marketing tech tools that are available to grow your business. 

-Tech will be broken down in simple and practical terms so you can begin to apply them toward your needs.