1 Tool to Help Master Project Management

1 Tool to Help Master Project Management

In this episode of MORE, Ricardo Berrís talks to Oliver Huebler, the Managing Director of MeisterTask, a company that helps to organize and manage tasks in a beautifully designed, customizable environment. Kanban-style project boards allow teams to create streamlined, automated workflows and get more done together.

MeisterTask is ideal for those who are looking to grow their business, are ready to launch a new business, and for those who are not tech-savvy. It’s available as an app, either for desktop or mobile devices, which makes it easily accessible. The available colors make it customizable and fun but the tools are for people who are ready to get serious about keeping their business and personal life organized. 

Important features of MeisterTask:

-Creates “post-it style” tasks that you can move around but in digital form. 

-Everything is organized and collaborative so you can work with others, from people within the organization to freelancers and outsourced businesses.

-Automation can be added. 

-You will love its beauty and simplicity so you and your team will want to use it.

-Save valuable time by tracking your time through MeisterTask. 

-The app can be customized to whatever type or size of business you work in.

-The developers focused on ease of use but with a foundation of complexity and power that will cover all the different workflows that are needed.

-The organization of MeisterTask makes it very intuitive.

-MeisterTask works very closely with Google and Microsoft to work with a variety of vendors and tools.  

-Their goal is to save you time and money as well as reduce errors in normal project management.

-Real-time collaboration.

-MeisterTask also has a mind mapping/brainstorming tool called MindMeister, along with other tools in development. 

How is MeisterTask different from other tools? The simplicity and design. Customers have told the company that it’s helped remove the blocks that would prevent them from starting a task and has made it fun again. Even if you use other tools, you’re still able to integrate and automate information in other tools such as Trello or Asana.  

MeisterTask does offer a free version but for $99 a year per user, additional features can be added such as reports, automation, and small projects, to name a few. One example of an advanced feature is triggering a new checklist when a task is moved to a different stage.