Uncover Content Marketing Secrets of 10-Figure Brands

Uncover Content Marketing Secrets of 10-Figure Brands | James Scherer

Content creation is a necessary marketing component for almost any organization. Despite this, the nuances and specifications that can make content marketing effective are often lost in production. In today’s episode of the MORE Podcast, Ricardo is joined by the VP of Growth at Codeless.io, James Scherer, to discuss how he approaches content marketing and what tools he finds effective for content marketing professionals.

Ahrefs.com is a powerful tool for SEO site performance optimization:

  • This website can give insight into competitors’ and your own site’s Google rankings. 
  • Whether you actively create content or not, this site helps you determine how quickly you are projected through Google searches. 
  • You can use it for competitive and keyword analyses to determine the best words your content should target.

Frase.io helps you drive keywords into a seamless content reporting tool: 

  • It will tell you what articles rank with that keyword and what those articles look like.
  • That’ll help you writers understand what to include in that content, and it’ll help writers take SEO-oriented content easily with foundational confidence.

Wordable.io won’t save your life, but it will save you 15 minutes a day.

  • It takes a google doc and sends it into your CMS, formatted and updated to make your life easier.
  • Once the content is uploaded onto your site through wordable.io, you can use Ahrefs.com to track and gather analytics, making it a full-circle situation that benefits from the other tools.

Other tools for content marketers:

  • Loom is a great tool that allows a manager to have conversations with remote workers and engage with them face-to-face.
  • Asana, Trello, or another project management tool that can assign content to team members
  • Drip.com, Leadpages, and Salesmate feature integration and distribution opportunities are available for content marketers. 

James’s parting advice? Don’t be intimidated by the initial investment of content marketing or the slow growth. For more content and information from James, connect with him on LinkedIn.

James’s book and podcast recommendations:

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