Three Tools Recommended by an 11-Year-Old Success | Ari Krzyzek

Three Tools Recommended by an 11-Year-Old Success | Ari Krzyzek

Whatever type of business you run, there are basic tools and systems that can make running your business a more (pun intended) seamless process. In today’s episode of the MORE podcast, Ricardo is joined by solopreneur-turned-brand consultancy founder, Ari Krzyzek, to discuss three universally beneficial tools companies should utilize, regardless of industry. 

Entrepreneurs figure things out.

  • They find a way to stay on track and figure out what they want to do.
  • Ari and her partner have been in business for 11 years, now with 12 people in their company, and she collaborates and works alongside both her team and clients.
  • Three tools Ari recommends:,, and Each of these apps interconnects and facilitates a complete sales cycle.

  • Salesmate is a CRM platform that houses lead generation information.
  • What sets Salesmate apart from other CRM platforms? It connects with other systems. Ari’s website connects through Calendly, but there are limitless options a company can use.
  • Salesmate connects with email and syncs emails to know when they open or click on email content. 


  • Flowmapp is a UX tool that gives a visual map that tracks certain channels and touchpoints, showing what you can expect users to do on a particular page.
  • By using Flowmapp, you ensure a user gains the right interactions during the sales cycle, especially automated steps that support the user’s sales journey.
  • If you have a website, consider getting a free Flowmapp account (which is free for one project.)


  • Plutio has a lot of features you can leverage. It is central to contain projects and tasks within your organization to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Integration beyond the three:

  • Many day-to-day apps like calandly, Gmail, and other common tools can be integrated, which is pretty standard. 
  • Zapier is an option for almost anything if you need to integrate certain softwares to accomplish certain things.
  • Flowmapp offers a free account, Salesmate offers a 14-day trial, and Plutio is an affordable price for the value it provides.

How has she stayed in business for so long?

  • It takes grit and resiliency, and Ari wouldn’t have gotten through 11 years in business without the support of her family and network.

Ari’s Book and Podcast Recommendations:


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