The Admanity Protocol | Brian Gregory

The Admanity Protocol | Brian Gregory

Did you know that determining a basic advertising strategy for your small business can be as easy as taking a five-minute online quiz? In today’s episode of the MORE Podcast, Ricardo is joined by Brian Gregory, CEO and founder of Admanity. Tune in to learn how you can garner agency-level information about your company’s emotionality, messaging, and advertising strategies through his simple five-minute quiz. Visit for a free report on your business, with no obligation!

Admanity is a solution for any company:

  • 99% of small businesses will never see the inside of an ad agency because of the cost.
  • You can stumble and find a formula that works for you, but multiple attempts can result in wasted money.
  • Admanity is based on the last 100 years of well-performing ads, and it matches companies with the formulas and concepts proven to work.
  • No other company can give you actionable information within five minutes, making it an interesting and exciting prospect for any small business owner to implement.

Practical applications of admanity:

  • Admanity’s research of the last 100 years of well-performing ads showed that any ad boils down to just 15 emotions, which have sold everything on the planet.
  • Combinations of emotions work best for different brands, and Admanity’s report reveals the emotions that best cater to your brand.
  • People buy on emotion and affirm with logic, so catering to specific emotions can immediately create better emails, ads, and marketing or communications collateral.

Admanity offers multiple integration opportunities:

  • Admanity is partnering with a leading stock photo supplier to help curate photos that evoke the emotion a brand should convey.
  • BrandCannon is a newly-launched program that nurtures businesses through one-by-one email builders to help garner high open and click-through rates.
  • Their website,, also hosts a free webinar to teach you everything you need to know about the strategy and why it works. They also offer B2B consultations to help business owners determine which solution is right for them.

Brian’s entrepreneurial advice:

  • Small businesses should advertise just like billion-dollar brands because ‘small businesses’ doesn’t mean ‘small tactics.’
  • There is no royalty on emotion, formula, words, color, or photos. Look at what big guys in your industry do and copy it. Trigger the same emotions as them, and you’ll start to see success. 

Brian’s Book and Podcast Recommendations:

  • The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone
  • How to Sell Anything to Anybody by Joe Girard
  • While he doesn’t have a specific show, Brain encourages listeners to hear stories about entrepreneurs. Hearing how they needed to pivot until they found the right direction for themselves can be excellent motivation.


For more information and content from Brian, connect with him on LinkedIn or visit for a special offer for podcast listeners for a free Admanity report.

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