This Tripod Method Grew Over 3000 Brands Successfully | Erik Huberman

This Tripod Method Grew Over 3000 Brands Successfully | Erik Huberman

Marketing is predictable in its unpredictability. So how can you best set yourself up for success? On today’s episode of the MORE podcast, Ricardo is joined by co-founder and CEO of Hawke Media Erik Huberman to learn a methodology that’s helped Erik grow over 3000 brands successfully. 

Erik’s goal is to make marketing accessible and effective.

  • He got his professional start by building e-commerce companies. 
  • He eventually moved to marketing but soon realized the problems with both the agency and in-house models. So, he built his own marketing agency.

The Hawke Method- Three Principles of Marketing

  • Awareness – Find new audiences and bring them into your business.
  • Nurturing – There is a time period between when someone first sees your brand and when they finally purchase something (and that process can take months.)
  • Trust – 75% of consumers will not buy from a brand they don’t trust. If you don’t have credibility yourself, that means utilizing third-party validation and reviews.
  • Think of it as a tripod – you have to use these elements equally, or the whole thing will tip over.

Who is the ideal customer or user of the methodology?

  • These three legs apply to virtually every company, so anyone can implement this methodology in your company’s marketing. 
  • In terms of who is the right fit for Erik’s company, there is an opportunity for anyone, regardless of vertical.

Practical application of the Hawke Method:

  • It’s a framework – you can’t just make a laundry list of tasks and be successful.
  • Use the framework to analyze and pivot your marketing strategy to adapt more easily and make more successful changes.
  • For more information and strategies for the Hawke Method, pre-order Erik’s book The Hawke Method on Amazon or his website (

Erik’s Secret to success:

  • Be financially disciplined and be urgent. People like people who get stuff done.
  • To get in contact with Erik, find him on all social channels at @erikhuberman. If you’re looking to revitalize your company’s marketing efforts, visit to get a free audit.

Erik’s Book and Podcast Recommendations:

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