A local tool that is ideal for your community | Stone Payton

A local tool that is ideal for your community | Stone Payton

Audio content has and is a great opportunity for all people to expand their network, educate their audiences, or fulfill marketing objectives. And it’s probably easier than you might think to get involved! On today’s episode of the MORE podcast, Ricardo is joined by managing partner of Business RadioX Stone Payton to discuss his work and the opportunities in it to develop relationships with people in your community.

But first, how did he get involved in radio?

  • Over 15 years ago, Stone worked in consulting, where his work led him to completing small radio interviews. While in this work, he met his future partner Lee Canter. 
  • Stone loved the environment and opportunities created within the station. Within six weeks, he became a client himself, eventually becoming a partner with Lee at Business RadioX.
  • Now Business RadioX is in 29 markets with 19 studios, and they serve 171 media properties mostly in the B2B world.

Building relationships with audio is a fun and engaging process.

  • Most people don’t need 10,000 new Facebook followers; they need ten genuine relationships with people who matter.
  • WIth specific audio content, show hosts can support and celebrate people in the community who do great things.
  • Business RadioX invests time and resources in designing shows that serve people while helping hosts generate green-dollar ROI.
  • Clients with Business RadioX are in all types of B2B industries, from marketing to commercial real estate.

How is Business Radio X different from alternatives?

  • Besides branching out into “virtual studios,” Business RadioX places a focus on their methodology. 
  • They’ve built a methodology because it prioritizes what works, and what works is relationships building.
  • The station is focused on delivering green-dollar ROI. They have little interest in unimportant metrics.

What can a partner do with the data and content they’ve built:

  • Most shows broadcast live, and people can enjoy them on-demand. So, in terms of leveraging appearances, the guests of shows can repurpose their content for multiple uses.
  • There are no material restrictions – to educate their market, promote their work, whatever content is best for the guests and clients is fair game.
  • With this audio content, the opportunities are endless – audio whitepapers, traditional whitepapers, social media posts, and much more!

His advice to business owners? Get on the other side of the microphone. Creating a platform based on serving others is a great way to generate ROI. It’s totally free to be apart of guest spaces, go to businessradiox.com, and there are tons of options to share their story. To schedule a meeting with Stone, visit his bookme account or send an email to stone@businessradiox.com

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