Save 5 hours or more with this tool

Save 5 hours or more with this tool | Adriana Sol

Public relations can be fun and engaging work. But the job also comes with monotonous activities that can drain any professional’s energy. This is a problem that WanderPR Ringleader Adriana Sol set out to solve by founding PR Sidekick – the ultimate support tool for public relations professionals

Adriana realized PR involves a lot of monotonous work. 

  • Even worse, it’s expensive to do it all by hiring interns or junior employees.
  • She saw a need in the industry, so she set out to create it herself.
  • As the previous head of Miami’s PRSA chapter, she found professionals within her network to serve as beta testers.  
  • Now, she gets sales every time she goes to chapters meetings. Her other primary lead generation source is LinkedIn, by using both the Sales Navigator and Cleverly

Sidekick is for all kinds of public relations professionals. 

  • Adriana developed Sidekick intending to make it affordable. Many professionals can’t afford to hire more staff or may thousands of dollars for a media database. 
  • Many nonprofit professionals also use Sidekick with great success, especially for one-person departments who could use the extra support. 
  • If you’re looking for an agency, Sidekick is not a substitute. It doesn’t write press releases, work with influencers, or set up events. But it’s great to help ease the burden many professionals might feel.

What are the specific things a professional can expect from the platform?

  • Sidekick creates media lists based on criteria for your specific need.
  • It generates reports to show coverage, exposure, and the work you’ve done.
  • It also can provide media lists and create event listings on websites like NPR and local media channels to spread awareness.
  • While it currently doesn’t integrate with other platforms, but who knows what the future holds.

Adriana’s tips to stay in business: 

  • Look for mentorship and leadership support; being good at something doesn’t make you a good business owner.
  • Hire help before you think you can afford it. The sooner you decentralize and designate essential tasks the better you’ll be.
  • Take vacations, get an assistant, and set boundaries. Allow yourself to live a life apart from your business.

Adriana’s Book and Podcast Recommendations:

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