The Framework for Carrying the Fire to Success

The Framework for Carrying the Fire to Success | Shane Whelan

Regardless of who you are or what career you hold, a change of perspective might be all you need to reach that next level. Today’s guest on the MORE podcast is Shane Whelan, an entrepreneur who went through multiple jobs before realizing the end goal he wanted. But, thanks to his own framework, he was inspired to take action and carry the fire to success.

It all started with Shane’s first business: 

  • Shane unknowingly entered an extremely cutthroat business yet managed to achieve a six-figure company within its first year.
  • That initial success caught the eyes of his competition, who began to take more action to reduce his business.
  • Shane learned that competitors were spreading falsehoods about him, and those obstacles nearly defined him. But he realized his interpretation and the way he chooses to handle these obstacles define him.

For years, he journaled as a way to process and think.

  • He would write about his interests and whatever he was into, from history to sports.
  • Through this journaling process, he developed his framework idea (that later led to his book.) 

The central theme: get back to who you are

  • We come into the world and into business with so much excitement about the future and the potential.
  • We get beat down with noise and with competitors, gaslit by anyone with an internet connection.
  • By reframing our thinking, we can remember who we are and get back to that excited little kid mindset.

This framework is built for anyone, especially those in the business world. 

  • Shane wants to encourage the people around him to follow a path to look outward and see the bigger picture. 
  • In it, he stresses the concept “the loudest person in the room is the weakest.”
  • Let your competitors talk themselves into the ground. Stay solid, and you’ll foster curiosity in your work. Why get involved in something that doesn’t help you?
  • Look outward and embrace the spirit of your customer.

Everyone wants to win, but do you want to dominate not just business but in life? This framework will help you learn how to do just that. Visit for a free downloadable e-copy of the resources and information.

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