Are You Using This Machine Learning Tool?

Are You Using This Machine Learning Tool? | Rory Knighton

A great marketing tool doesn’t have to be well-known! After leaving the acting world behind, today’s guest Rory Knighton has amassed experience in the digital world building websites, writing code, and creating content for both himself and his clients. On today’s episode of the MORE podcast, he shares the tools he utilizes while creating content, and how you can use them for yourself.

The end result of his content: put meaning behind your brand.

  • When starting in the industry, Rory went around to businesses asking if they wanted a website. And, in the early 2000s, that was a very fancy thing.
  • For the past six years, he’s run his own eCommerce and video-focused agency, Runaway Collective
  • Because of his specialty, his agency often creates video content. That means planning, filming, and editing content for clients (which can be a cumbersome process.)

Imagine photoshop for video, but better.

  • Normally when video editing, you have to color, cut, and keyframe manually, which is a long and tedious process. 
  • But the tool Runwayml deletes backgrounds, all with the click of a button. Especially for greenscreen changing, it works marvelously well. 
  • You can teach it to look for people in footage, color correct; it has many different capabilities. 
  • The tool is still in beta, and it operates right in the browser, making it convenient for anyone to use. 

Sharing video footage is simple with

  • A video collaboration tool, allows you to send video content to collaborators, and it offers in-platform messaging (with timestamps) to make communicating edits a breeze.
  • It has simple controls and menus, meaning anyone can pick up the platform pretty easily.
  • There really isn’t a good alternative to either of these platforms. Vimeo is the most similar to, but it’s not close.
  • These platforms are beneficial to anyone utilizing video content (and everyone should be.)

Rory’s secret to staying in business: 

  • DIsclaimer: It’s incredibly hard. And anybody who says it’s easy is lying.
  • For him, positive self-talk and delegating tasks helps maintain forward momentum. 
  • It can be tempting to do everything himself, but learning to delegate and asking for help when needed allows him to focus on quality over quantity.  

Rory’s final takeaway? If you aren’t using video, you should be. People retain 97% of video information, versus only 27% through image or text. It’s so much more engaging than welcome copy on a website. To get in contact with Rory, connect with him on LinkedIn or visit his company website

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