The Best Social Media Tool Since Twitter

The Best Social Media Tool Since Twitter

Clubhouse is a powerful tool for entrepreneurs who are looking for ways to grow their business, and it’s changing the game for people who are working to extend their reach. 

Alex de Carvalho explains the power of Clubhouse and the power it has to democratize the workspace for entrepreneurs. 

Who is Clubhouse for?

  • Clubhouse is for everyone. It’s the most powerful branding platform available today. It’s also very business-friendly. It’s live and authentic and in-the-moment.
  • People have different learning styles and not everyone prefers video. Technology allows us now to take advantage of written content, video content, and audio content as a way to connect with an audience full of people who learn differently.
  • You don’t have to create something new. Clubhouse allows you to participate in pre-existing rooms with thousands of listeners and engage in conversations. As you ask questions and comments, people will follow you. 
  • It also allows users to create their own radio station and host conversations about topics that are important to them.

Using Clubhouse

  • Clubhouse is currently for Apple only. You must be invited by a current member, and it’s free. Your first steps should be to add a photo (not a logo) and a bio that tells us about what’s important to you. Really focus on creating a great bio that people will want to read.
  • Add links to your other social media so people can contact you. There’s no direct message option inside of Clubhouse.
  • Twitter and Instagram currently integrate with Clubhouse, and those two platforms provide more context about you.
  • Many people make the mistake of only adding friends on Clubhouse. It’s better to add people who you find interesting. Consider adding moderators of rooms and others you encounter there. As you add people, it will open more possibilities. 
  • There are tools to help improve your voice quality inside Clubhouse, like microphones, but the platform doesn’t allow recording unless you’re very explicit. 
  • The constant evolution of digital marketing makes it a fascinating field. The fast-changing nature of digital marketing creates many opportunities for learning and growth. 

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