Scale Your Business With This Powerful Lead Building System

Scale Your Business With This Powerful Lead Building System

In this episode, host Ricardo Berris, speaks to former Pulitzer Prize winner and newly branded digital marketing educator, Dan Grech, about a tool that helps scale businesses using a powerful lead building system.

When Dan Grech lost his job in journalism he was perfectly positioned to reinvent himself as a business storyteller. He planned to learn digital marketing in a couple of weeks but instead, here he is 7 years later, on the same journey. He realizes that in the digital marketing space, people can over-complicate systems. The expertise gained through his journalism career, however, in taking complex ideas and explaining them in simple ways is helping to define his new career. 

2 reasons why people over-complicate the digital marketing space:

  1. It’s harder to make complex things simple. They don’t know how to explain things simply. 
  2. Many digital marketers want to keep things complex so you will hire them to do the work needed. 

What Dan has come to realize is that many small businesses can do this themselves if only they have the right coaching. As a result, Dan has created BizHack Academy, which is dedicated to helping small business owners market themselves despite having limited time, budget and expertise.

BizHack has two elements that Dan says are critical to any process: The system and the tools you use to implement it. These two elements are in the BizHack Lead Building System.

The system has a 6 pillar approach philosophically that consists of campaigns, objectives, your target audience, your irresistible offer, your thumb-stopping video, your compelling message, and your call to action. but then there are also step-by-step instructions, the exercise, the software, and the tools for your business.

Two books that Dan recommends are Traction: Get A Grip on Your Business and Scaling Up. These books help you run a business but they give little attention to marketing. Dan realized this was a huge gap in the business systems. 

Dan has built the system for marketing a business that is tailored to small business and micro budgets for people without a ton of money or expertise. This system allows you to generate leads and sales for your business with a much simpler, easier to understand framework. 

So who would benefit from Dan’s service?  

  • A business with 1 to 50 employees. 
  • The leaders are growth-oriented and desire to improve. 
  • The business has a proven product-market fit. 
  • These businesses have a great product, they know there’s an audience for it, and just need to figure out how to reach that audience.People who are ready to show up and do the work.  
  • This is a system that is good for B2B businesses and B2C businesses, whether you are a product or service company. 

How is Dan’s system different from others? Other companies will use their training as a form of educational marketing. With BizHack, their only purpose is to enable and empower business owners to market for themselves. Once this is done, then a business owner can hire people or an agency to implement the system.

Even with the threat of covid, Dan found a way to keep his company going and even managed to open a scholarship program for minority and women-led businesses that has given away more than $100,000 today. Dan has a mission to transform the lives of small business owners and that mission is contagious, attracting incredible talent and amazing clients.

To access Dan’s information you can join his weekly live webinar series called BizHack Live every Wednesday at 12:30 PM EST. Dan also has a YouTube channel called BizHack Academy and finally, through their signature offering, a five-week accelerated course. The next course will begin on April 5, 2021, with another in June 2021.