Stop Sending Long Emails and Use This Video Messaging Tool

Stop Sending Long Emails and Use This Video Messaging Tool

It’s important to differentiate yourself to potential clients, who likely receive dozens of emails each day. Instead of sending long emails, video messaging tools allow entrepreneurs to engage their audience in a personalized, compelling way that sets them apart from others who are still using old techniques.

Anthony Milia owns a marketing firm that serves businesses of all sizes: from mom-and-pop to Fortune 500. He launched the business as soon as he graduated from college figuring he could fail fast and learn quick. 

Recording video

  • Three primary tools exist for business owners who want to record video or grab screen recordings or share their screens: Loom, Dubb, and Vidyard
  • These tools allow you to share videos through email and build it into your sales funnel to monitor how well they’re working. Users can monitor how much time the audience is spending with the videos and respond accordingly based on the insights they gain.
  • Anyone within small business can use this kind of tool for training, or for business development. 
  • Video offers a different way to communicate through email, and it can help you get your point across better for your audience. 

Being different

  • Anthony previously used regular emails or phone call to communicate with his audience, but he wanted a way to differentiate himself. He discovered that these videos allow him to more thoroughly explain his message in a personalized way that he can also track. He gets notified when the user opens the video, so he can follow up knowing that the user has engaged with the content. 
  • In sales, for example, it’s a powerful way to grab your prospects’ attention. You can use it before a meeting, or for a follow-up to a meeting where you might share next steps. 
  • Video is underutilized in this way, so your efforts will immediately help you stand out.

Streamline your process

  • These videos also work well on your website, allowing you to feature a video on your homepage with an included call-to-action. You can, for example, add a CTA within the video that prompts users to share their email or some other information.
  • Tools like Vidyard can also be integrated with CRMs like Salesforce and Hubspot as well as Zapier to help you further streamline your entire process. 
  • All three of these video tools offer a free plan as well as a monthly subscription that gives the user access to even more features. 

Peaks and valleys of entrepreneurship

  • Anthony spent the first couple of years in business building processes and working to get his name out to the public. It was slow, but the key was delivering good work. They work to get things done right the first time, to get it done right on time, and to over-deliver. 
  • Clients don’t leave when you’re providing what they are asking for and constantly improving the client experience. 
  • Show up every day in your business and identify how you can improve 1 percent every day, either personally or professionally. Identify bottlenecks and find ways to make things more efficient and effective. 
  • It’s easy to get caught up in busy work so that you miss the important work. 

Digital Marketing

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