Tool to help you become a better YouTuber | Andrea TheoJohn

Tool to help you become a better YouTuber | Andrea TheoJohn

In today’s modern world, video content yields far more engagement and views than other forms of content. But how do you know what type of video content to make? In today’s episode of the MORE podcast, Ricardo is joined by Andrea TheoJohn to share a tool that can help you become a better YouTuber.


How did Andrea get to this point?

  • She never planned to start a business; she was just in-between roles. 
  • It wasn’t until a good friend told her to do her own thing (and offered to be her first client) that she took the leap.
  • She threw together a website and social media, and she thought it was a solid side hustle.
  • When a friend offered their company as another client, she realized she could make it a career. 


The video tool you need to use: TubeBuddy!

  • TubeBuddy is a powerful keyword search tool that determines titles and tags that accompany YouTube videos.
  • When Andrea started creating video content, she wasn’t using keywords or tags.
  • But, thanks to TubeBuddy, she now determines video titles to inform her of solid content ideas. (Ipso facto, she creates content about very searchable terms.)
  • Anybody who creates YouTube videos, particularly small business owners, can see many benefits from using it. 
  • While there are other competitors like VidIQ, Andrea hasn’t used them.


Leverage TubeBuddy to Make Better YouTube Content:

  • Use TubeBuddy to identify content gaps for an industry, and then be the company that creates that content.
  • In addition to identifying search terms, you can identify questions and struggles your ideal audience might have that you can answer.
  • This is for the long game. YouTube is worth it to make evergreen content that people will always watch.
  • Video content can be used across multiple channels and forms, so starting now is a great strategy! 
  • Visit to install it; it walks you through connecting your YouTube.


Andrea’s business takeaway? Don’t operate in a silo. It’s very easy to stay in your lane and not interact with new people, but it’s great to network. To see Andrea’s work, visit her company website and find Andrea on LinkedIn.


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