Mobile Marketing Framework to Retain Customers

Mobile Marketing Framework to Retain Customers | Barbara Casey

Did you know that 85% of people prefer to receive texts over emails? Yet only a fraction of businesses integrate text messaging in their marketing strategy. In today’s episode of the MORE podcast, Ricardo is joined by the CEO of Mobile High 5, Barbara Casey, to discuss why every business needs to introduce this channel into their current practices to retain customers

Every client is unique in their objectives. 

  • Because of this fact, her team designs specific programs to fuel each specific objective the client has.
  • Some clients just need a simple text reminder, while others need integrated messaging systems that are much more complex.
  • Her agency uses highly robust analytics to refine messaging over time to ensure messaging is well-received and catered to its audience.

Text messaging is for all industries:

  • While Barbara likes retail, text messaging can and should be used across all industries. 
  • Her customers typically value marketing, but they simply don’t have time for it. For example, retail requires an ongoing conversation to maintain engagement. That ongoing engagement can be a struggle to maintain.
  • Because it takes multiple touchpoints before a client even remembers a company name, text messaging can be a long-term strategy for long-term scaling growth. 

Text messaging is more than an email blast: 

  • Texting falls into two camps – a blast subscription list or a loyalty component that adds additional value. Her messaging systems utilize the latter.
  • With this strategy, you have an ongoing conversation with customers to get them back in the door.
  • You can use different metrics to create segmented and unique sequences that differentiate people’s goals.

What are some of the practical applications?

  • If you currently ask for a person’s birthday during the opt-in process, what do you do if they don’t fill it out?
  • Using text messaging, you can build a list of people who didn’t answer, asking them if they’d like to receive $25 for a gift for themselves. 
  • You can also use text messaging to remind people of expiring rewards, remind people they have items in their eCommerce cart, and many other uses.

Are there integration possibilities?

  • Mobile High 5 can integrate anywhere with open APIs. They also use Zapier, depending on where other platforms are located. 
  • Many POS softwares are a closed ecosystem, so they cannot integrate directly in all instances. But they use a kiosk system in brick-and-mortar locations that can be customer-facing or staff-facing with cloud-based software.

What do customers need to do to use it?

Mobile High 5 offers 250 messages for free to help build your database, and you can contact them if you’d like to be set up for messaging success. For more information, visit or email Barbara at to get started.

Barbara’s final takeaway? If you’re going to be an entrepreneur, stay nimble and keep your ear to the street. If you rely on social media and email, open your eyes to what’s next (and that’s text marketing.)

Barbara’s Book and Podcast Recommendations: 

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