Top Silicon Valley Coach Shares System for Growth – It really is called Brain Share | Joe Siecinski

Top Silicon Valley Coach Shares System for Growth - It really is called Brain Share | Joe Siecinski

For many small business owners, all it takes is a shift in mindset to see dramatic change. And on today’s episode of the MORE podcast, Ricardo is joined by someone who knows exactly how to facilitate that change. Joe Siecinski, co-founder and owner of BrainSHARE, helps businesses become profitable enterprises, and today he’s going to share what he knows.

Building a system is like building a house – you need a blueprint and a foundation.

  • Until you have a foundation, it’s difficult to determine your target market, USP, and strategic marketing.
  • Joe helps companies lay these bricks to build profitable businesses that grow.

Anyone can utilize this framework to embrace change.

  • Businesses floating around the 10M mark usually see more success because they’ve learned some of the challenges associated with their companies. 
  • (In his experience, you aren’t ready to learn until you get some scars.)
  • But his teachings apply to everyone, and the specific levels might not be as relevant for you, depending on your ultimate career goals.

BrainSHARE offers a beginner, intermediate, and advanced stage.

  • Joe started the beginning level as the foundation that builds up depending on where the client is at the moment.
  • Best of all, he created his framework into bite-sized chunks so anyone can easily digest the information. 

There are practical applications with Joe’s system:

  • When we break our modalities and think strictly in terms of operations, sales, or marketing, we’re going to fail. 
  • Entrepreneurs need to be adaptable and need to see the whole picture.
  • If you just look at one or two pieces of a puzzle, it won’t make sense. You have to use the whole picture as a guide. 


Joe’s final takeaway? Set short, medium, and long-term goals, and celebrate when you achieve them! Your business is meant to support your personal life, not BE your personal life.

Joe’s Book and Podcast Recommendations:

Joe is offering listeners a free consultation to anyone, and his system is available by visiting Joe is also offering a gift certificate to a podcast listener! To enter, simply send us an email at

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