Tool to help you grow without being your own bottleneck | Khalil Stultz

Tool to help you grow without being your own bottleneck | Khalil Stultz

For many sales and marketing professionals, you are your own bottleneck; there are only so many tasks and projects you can complete in the day. Because of that, it’s critical to strategically automate projects and functions to help you accomplish everything you need. In today’s episode of the MORE podcast, Ricardo is joined by solopreneur and founder of Direct Connection Khalil Stultz to discuss Khalil’s marketing tool that helps you grow your business.

Khalil is a growth strategist and consultant who helps companies grow.

  • He does this through a combination of training, business development, strategic partnerships, really doing whatever helps the business grow as effectively as possible.
  • Khalil started his career in logistics making 150 cold calls each day. And because of his competitive nature, he wanted to grow even further. 
  • Over the years, he developed and ultimately transformed his strategy into a formula anyone can apply to their own business (the foundation for his company later down the line.)

The tool: DirectKonnection

  • DirectKonnection helps business owners hyper-effectively target and craft messaging for their unique audiences.
  • It then helps disseminate and track that messaging across platforms, including text, email, or LinkedIn messages. 
  • It also has training features to help business owners and their employees learn the foundational principles behind their outreach strategy.
  • This platform is excellent for any entrepreneur who wants more opportunities in their pipeline (or needs a pipeline in the first place) or just wants to grow and expand.

How is DirectKonnection different from others?

  • With DirectKonnection, you get a platform beyond tactics helpful for both strategy and development.
  • From a development perspective, they stay ahead of LinkedIn changes, so you continue to see success.
  • DirectKonnection uses integration and a multi-channel approach, incorporating email, text, and other tools and platforms like CRMs to create full-fledged solutions.
  • For example, Khalil’s client owns an app that helps people organize their financials and discover additional cash flow. In working with Khalil’s platform, he got a go-to-market strategy for both prospects and strategic partners.

Khalil’s secret to staying in business:

  • Diversification and adding new profit centers – entrepreneurs need to understand how to leverage existing solutions into new uses and solutions.
  • Whether you’re a solopreneur or enterprise, strategic partnership stimulates growth.
  • People do business with those they know, like, and trust. Therefore, tap into companies that already serve your audience!
  • He’s huge on investing in others through teaching and education, challenging ways to find your business without “grinding” or overexertion. 

Khalil’s Book and Podcast Recommendations:

Visit DirectKonnection to view monthly plans and features, and connect with Khalil on LinkedIn for more great content.

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