Manage your company’s online presence using this simple, intuitive tool to your growth | Patrick Alexander

Manage your company’s online presence using this simple, intuitive tool to your growth | Patrick Alexander

As internet marketing strategies and tools proliferate, it can seem daunting to keep track of everything. Especially when you have to visit multiple platforms and websites to stay on top of your metrics, it can seem impossible to stay organized. That’s a problem today’s guest, Patrick Alexander, sought out to solve.

Patrick’s experience in digital marketing made him aware of the problem.

  • He started his digital marketing company in 2012. He attributed his desire to create a digital marketing agency to a typing class he took in school, which opened his eyes to the potential of computers.
  • As the founder and CEO of Balambico, a digital marketing agency that helps companies with their digital marketing strategy, Patrick saw firsthand how many platforms and websites were required for his work.

Patrick created bicomarketing to solve this problem.

  • is an all-in-one platform that consolidates social, digital, advertising, and any other digital marketing into one, easy-to-navigate space.
  • With this tool, any marketing professional can create and organize their ideal workspace.
  • What sets it apart from its competitors? Most competitors (like Hootsuite and Google Analytics) aggregate your data for one specific branch of digital marketing, while bicomarketing sources everything from social to SEO in one spot.
  • It is an intuitive platform and will provide you a score based on your social media, SEO, and other digital marketing components. It will then give you feedback and advice to improve that score.
  • It has some free aspects, such as the report card. But to truly take advantage of the platform, there are upgrades available for your membership.

Patrick’s major takeaways:

  • Trust your gut feeling – if you feel that you need to fire a client, fire them. They want to monetize your time, so charge what you think you’re worth.
  • Recognize the power of taking control of your own time. Set boundaries you like and can manage, and stick with them. 
  • Patrick has a business and a personal phone, and he doesn’t let his time get controlled by his work (he doesn’t even have notifications turned on on his phone.)
  • To connect with Patrick, visit his company website or navigate to to check out his marketing tool. 

Patrick’s book and podcast recommendations: