CRMs can be scary! Listen in to learn how using simple CRMs can lead to an increase in customer connections and sales | Josh Elledge

CRMs can be scary! Listen in to learn how using simple CRMs can lead to an increase in customer connections and sales | Josh Elledge

On today’s episode of the MORE podcast, Ricardo is joined by Josh Elledge. After experiencing six failed businesses throughout his career, Josh has found tremendous success in his current business, Up My Influence, a company dedicated to helping people generate the revenue, visibility, and authority they want. Josh has had experience dealing with customers, CRMs, and building authentic connections with those systems, and he is going to share his secrets to success.

Josh’s start in business was unusual. 

  • He didn’t have enough money for college, so Josh joined the navy right out of high school.
  • Josh became a navy journalist, and he had a transformative moment upon meeting the one and only Adrian Crone.
  • And now, after six failed businesses, his company Up My Influence helps people get from six to seven figures in income.

What marketing tools should people consider using?

  • The key is to start with what you want to create and accept that the beginning will be inefficient.
  • As you determine what process works best for you, implement tools and services to make that process more efficient.
  • When analyzing where to integrate tools and technology, look at the stages and cadences in the current user journey. Where are people dropping off? Where are you maybe not reaching out as frequently as you should?
  • You have to get good at knowing exactly where every one of those people is in your cycle.

Every sales company should use a CRM. 

  • Josh’s company used to use Pipedrive but has since moved into their own custom platform.
  • A stage is a major thing that you just got done with that person, while a cadence is what you’re doing with that person every day until they buy or decline.
  • Think of it like putting on a Broadway play – the customers or guests should not know what backstage looks like because backstage is an organized but chaotic mess. But there’s a method to the madness.

Understand your audience to build connections.

  • If you wonder why people who get excited by a product end up not buying, understand that that’s normal. Everybody does it, especially if you sell bigger ticket stuff.
  • Most leaders are too busy growing and building their business to pay attention to your drip email campaign; if you slide into their DMS, they’re going to ignore you.
  • The Ascension model of marketing is perfect for smaller businesses, but it doesn’t apply to companies that sell larger products and services. If someone is spending $5,000 or more on a service, their business is doing okay. They don’t need the hand-holding, webinars, or touchpoints that a startup or small business might need. 

How has Josh grown so rapidly and tremendously in his business?

  • Staying focused on generosity and service takes the sting out of the inevitable bad stuff. You’re always going to have disappointments in business; that’s just the way it is. 
  • His six failures in business gave him the fortitude to become the man he needed to be to serve his audience, guests, customers, employees, and family.
  • Leaders obsess over learning and keep themselves in a learning-rich environment. The fact that you’re listening to this conversation right now puts you head and shoulders above other people.

Josh’s book and podcast recommendations: 

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