Save time integrating all your mail and CRM business tools by using this software system

Save time integrating all your mail and CRM business tools by using this software system

  • Throughout this podcast, we’ve heard people mention the SharpSpring platform several times. And now, we have the opportunity to understand how business professionals can use this software system effectively. In today’s episode of the MORE podcast, Ricardo is joined by virtual agency founder Denise Cagan to discuss the platform SharpSpring.

    Denise has been a business owner for over 20 years.

    • She started her first business (a cleaning company) while working simultaneously as a lab supervisor for Coca-Cola but ultimately left Coca-Cola to pursue her business full-time.
    • Not one for downtime, Denise immediately started DCA Virtual Business Support after selling her cleaning company in 2011, which she continues to run today.

    How can SharpSpring help your business?

    • SharpSpring is an all-in-one platform that functions as a CRM, a social media tool, drip campaign creation, or anything else your business might need.
    • Comparable to Hubspot, SharpSpring condenses all your business efforts into one platform, making it more organized and easier to maneuver while providing analytics to further fuel growth and development.
    • Denise’s recommendation, however, is that you have a solid strategy in place before you use it. Because the platform is around $600/month (depending on your tier), it is well worth the investment, but only if you completely take advantage of what it has to offer.
    • The platform is designed for businesses once they are beyond the startup phase and need a system to scale and grow.

    How is it different from competitors like Hubspot?

    • The main difference is that Hubspot requires the buyer’s website to be through Hubspot to take advantage of everything available on the platform. With SharpSpring, you aren’t locked into one specific website location.
    • Hubspot is just as robust and has a freebie version (which Sharp doesn’t have). However, the free version should just be used to get your feet wet and doesn’t offer everything you’ll need.

    Denise’s tips for using SharpSpring effectively:

    • Take advantage of its ability to create landing pages and lead generation.
    • Many overlook the fact that the platform can be used for onboarding new team members and clients.
    • It can create a nurture workflow, where you develop the relationship with people who sign up for your white papers or regular campaign emails.
    • Because it is all-in-one, Denise didn’t need to use integrations. But SharpSpring can connect with social media platforms, Zapier, Salesforce, and many other tools if appropriate for your business.

    To check out what SharpSpring can do for your business, check out their website. Denise’s final takeaway? If you aren’t ready for an all-in-one platform like SharpSpring, try to integrate the platforms you currently use to make them work together effectively. To contact Denise, visit her company website to send a message or check out her podcast, Nurture Small Businesses.

    Denise’s Book and podcast recommendations: