Ensure the story you tell elevates your brand to the next level using this framework | Michael Murdoch

In today’s episode of the MORE podcast, Ricardo is joined by brand strategist and co-founder of Story Cube Michael Murdoch. As the CEO of the branding and marketing agency The House, Michael realized that a tool like Story Cube would help businesses of all sizes shape their brand identity as they scale and grow.

Why did Michael create Story Cube?

  • As Michael worked with different companies, he realized they asked similar questions and motivations – raise awareness, sell things, increase donations, or other similar goals.
  • He and his business partner Robbie Dale developed Story Cube over the last 3-4 years, delivering monthly workshops at the British Library in London.

What is Story Cube?

  • It’s a six-sided framework that gives an organization the ingredients to understand the customer problem and the solution your company offers. 
  • Story Cube helps you determine your organization’s motivations, differentiators, connections to the market, audience reach, and obstacles.

Story Cube’s three main audiences:

  • The primary audience is ambitious entrepreneurs – the people who put 110% effort into reaching their end goal.
  • There’s also a startup scaling stage for companies focused on growth – those in business between one to three years.
  • Finally, they target larger organizations with marketing and salespeople who need the framework to develop their corporate brand awareness. 

Story Cube has several different participation formats:

  • Story Cube is an online course run by Teachable, but there are other ways to participate.
  • A cohort process brings together those in the same sector organizations to work directly through webinars and an online slack group. (But they have access to the course as well.)
  • Finally, Michael and Robbie provide one-to-one coaching for organizations or individuals that want direct guidance in addition to the online course.

Michael’s advice to those starting in entrepreneurship:

  • Have a system to review and refine your process to make sure what you do today will help you tomorrow.
  • If you’re running a business, whether large or small, it is essential to adapt, learn, and be open to new things.
  • Keep networking and meeting people. The more people you meet, the more opportunities you have.
  • Ask yourself, is your story C.U.B.E.? (AKA concise, unique, believable, and engaging.)
  • For more information or to find Story Cube for yourself, visit storycube.co.uk.

Michael’s book recommendations: