This Incredible Tool Changes Everything – If Used Correctly

This Incredible Tool Changes Everything - If Used Correctly | John Diggs

When it comes to utilizing different marketing tools and technology in your business, sometimes the best tool is simply a change in mindset! On today’s episode of the MORE podcast, Ricardo is joined by John Diggs to learn about the power of mind mapping and how you can use it in both personal and professional development applications.

John’s journey using mind mapping was born out of the recession:

  • He owned a mortgage company in the early 2000s, and he did very well for himself. However, the mortgage meltdown of 2008 lost him everything.
  • Now homeless, John moved in with his mother and looked for ways to reclaim his life and identity.
  • A friend introduced him to mind mapping, so he researched it. Within five months (and thanks to this process), he transformed himself and landed a job as a mortgage software developer.

Anyone can use mind mapping: 

  • There are apps and websites, and you could even make it yourself with a pen and paper.
  • In its purest form, just draw a circle in the middle for your main idea, whether that’s a problem you have, a decision you need to make, or an idea you have. 
  • Then, draw out related subtopics and ideas related to that central circle—draw them from those subtopics. 
  • Continue that process until you’ve exhausted all of the granular details that might be applicable.
  • For visually-oriented people, this is a great practice to see the way topics might be connected or what areas might need greater focus.

Some softwares make this process easier and more influential.

  • MeisterTask has a mind mapping software (MindMeister) that John considers the best online mind mapping software available.
  • They have a presentation version which is an excellent professional option when implementing that mind map in a meeting or conference.

What are some practical applications of mind mapping:

  • You can connect and link your topics and subtopics to other websites, sources, files, and YouTube videos 
  • You can create documents like executive summaries that you’ll actually want to reference later. 
  • You can do three maps for free, but the sub is only $4 a month (and you can get 10% off when you use John’s code: diggit, at checkout.

To learn more about mind mapping, read some of John’s books:

  • His first book, Love Life: Can You DIGG It?, discusses the seven powers John identifies to expand your personal horizons.
  • His other books, I AM and Blessed and Grateful, detail these powers and how you can cultivate them for yourself. 
  • John’s final book, DIGG This Too, identifies four more powers in the system that you can take advantage of for yourself in your life. 

You can find these books, free webinars, and more resources on

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