Achieve the top 1% in communication with this tool | Brenden Kumarasamy

Achieve the top 1% in communication with this tool | Brenden Kumarasamy

One of the most underappreciated (but necessary) skills for business professionals is communication. It can be the difference between landing a sale, earning that promotion, or securing funding for your next venture. In today’s episode of the MORE podcast, Ricardo is joined by MasterTalk founder Brenden Kumarasamy to understand how we can master communication for professional success. 

Brenden’s passion for communication started in CASE competitions.

  • What he called “sports for nerds,” Brenden essentially competed in the art of presentations. 
  • In doing this, he became skilled at coaching his teammates (and mastering the skill himself.)
  • While later working as a management consultant, he realized the information he taught his fellow classmates wasn’t available to the professional world. So, MaterTalk was born. 

What does it take to be in the top 1% of communicators?

  • You need to have direction. We have goals for the important aspects of our professional and personal life –  but do we have communication goals?
  • Write down three speakers you admire in your industry, invest 30-45 minutes each week analyzing not their content but their communication style.

MasterTalk clients typically fall into one of three categories:

  • Managers and executives in the corporate world (typically IT space.)
  • Entrepreneurs who want to build a movement, not just a business. (Think Gary Vaynerchuck.)
  • Professional coaches who wish to better serve their clients.

What makes MasterTalk unique?

  • Most speaking coaches offer a 1:1 consultation in which you practice once per week.
  • MasterTalk offers small group calls of 7-9 people who coach each other and offer feedback. 
  • Additionally, group members are paired in accountability teams, thus offering additional practice hours to see more rapid results.

Brenden’s favorite speaking drills:

  • In the random word exercise, someone selects a random word and then gives a 60-second impromptu speech about the word. Once you’ve mastered that, a speech about a topic you actually prepared for seems like a breeze.
  • In his question drill, group members ask hundreds of questions to an individual about a topic, often to the point of exhausting the subject. This helps the speaker feel prepared to answer any question they might encounter in a board room.

Brenden’s business secret?

  • Deliver value nobody else delivers – that’s how you acquire customers with zero input.
  • There are three ways to change someone’s life substantially: change their wealth, change their health, or change the lives of their children.
  • Have your product or service change one of those pillars to find success.
  • When structuring his business, Brendon decided to coach executives and offer free coaching to their kids.
  • This creates a unique relationship with the client where he knows their entire family, and they all know him.

Brenden’s Book and Podcast Recommendations:

Brenden’s parting advice? Be insane or be the same. It’s fine to be like everyone else. But true success arrives when you get to the point where the only person who understands your decisions is yourself. The easiest way to get more content from Brenden is by visiting MasterTalk on YouTube for free videos and resources.  You can also register for free communication teachings at