3 Fundamental Elements of Marketing

Fundamental Elements of Marketing | Tim Fitzpatrick

Marketing can be overwhelming. But there’s an easy way to simplify. On today’s episode of the MORE podcast, Ricardo is joined by Tim Fitzpatrick, the president of Rialto Marketing, to learn Tim’s three fundamental elements in marketing that guide his process and approach when working with clients. 

Tim didn’t start in marketing.

  • He got his start working at a wholesale distribution company, where he got hooked on entrepreneurship. 
  • After being laid off during the recession, Tim started working in residential real estate. And he didn’t like it.
  • After two and a half years, Tim thought about his skills and what he likes doing. And that led him to marketing.
  • He founded Rialto Marketing in 2013, and since then, he’s helped businesses and companies implement plans to reach the right people at the right time.

The Marketing Strategy Trilogy:

  • Target Market: Who your ideal clients are and how you will serve them. 
  • A clear, engaging message for that market.
  • A plan. How will you get that message in front of your people?

“Get the fundamentals down, and the level of everything you do will rise.” – Michael Jordan.

  • You can’t have long-term marketing success without a plan and the fundamentals in place.
  • Every marketing professional, regardless of industry, should use those three pillars to develop a plan that leads to long-term success. 
  • You can reach a certain level of success without those steps. But just because it has happened doesn’t mean you should aspire to it.
  • From a fundamental standpoint, people overcomplicate marketing. 
  • Tim’s approach keeps a focus on simplicity, because complexity only makes implementation more challenging. 

Once you have these steps in place, marketing tactics become far easier. 

  • For example, if your company decides it wants to utilize Facebook Ads, you’ll know who to target with those ads and what to say in the ad to get your audience to take action.
  • When you know what you need to execute are, you’ll find much more consistent and repeatable results.

Tim’s final advice? When you feel overwhelmed or want to alter your career trajectory, just focus on the next measurable step. That and, of course, focus on the fundamentals.

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