HubSpot CRM: How to optimize your customer relations

HubSpot CRM: How to optimize your customer relations | John Cloonan

For anyone in the marketing and advertising industry, Hubspot is a household name. But can you name all the different tools and components it has for business owners to utilize? In today’s episode of the MORE podcast, Ricardo is joined by the founder of Audacity Marketing, John Cloonan, to discuss how anyone can use Hubspot’s technology and tools.

Many people aren’t using Hubspot to its fullest potential.

  • Hubspot is perhaps best known for its CRM platform. But Hubspot also has a marketing automation suite, a sales suite, and many other components like a platform for building websites and landing pages.
  • Hubspot is great for small to medium companies because it has a great starting program for new businesses to get the technology for a significantly reduced cost.
  • This creates an easy point of entry to grow and scale with the tool itself.

But how is Hubspot different from the competition?

  • The cost of entry is significantly less expensive.
  • Hubspot has multiple integration opportunities not only internally but also externally with other tools. 
  • John is big on event marketing, so he’s used Hubspot integration with Eventbrite, Zoom, and other event platforms, but it also offers integration with many major tools small businesses might need.

 As a business owner, what could you do with it?

  • Get the free component, the CRM, set up with your information and data. 
  • Once you understand the system, determine what you want to get out of the platform and customize your account to accomplish those goals best. Is it traditional email marketing? Add their robust suite with a drag and drop editor.
  • Hubspot has a freemium model so that you can start small with little cost but scale as your business grows. This lets you focus on the areas your particular business needs the most. 
  • But understand differentiation and targeting: not every product is for every person. You have to understand who you’re targeting to get the most from your marketing programs. But if you have a differentiated product, you’ll be in some kind of niche.

John’s final advice? Persistence, commitment, and differentiation are the skills he credits with getting him where he is today. Those traits are what led to his success, and they’re skills he believes everyone should have.  

John’s book and podcast recommendations: