Word Press Expert Share How to Improve Your Website’s Google Visibility

Word Press Expert Share How to Improve Your Website’s Google Visibility | Michael Fredrick

Could you imagine operating a company without a website anymore? Yeah, neither could we. But between web hosting, web building, and cybersecurity, it’s often an overly complex situation to create a well-designed yet functional website that meets your company’s needs. In today’s episode, Ricardo is joined by Michael Fredrick, owner of point2point of New Orleans, to learn the ins and outs of crafting a website that works for you.

Michael saves websites from drowning (literally).

  • After rescuing web hosting hardware during a flood, Michael now runs and operates his web hosting office in New Orleans.
  • His team builds WordPress websites for clients, allowing them to make simple edits themselves, and giving Michael the freedom to create a unique and dynamic website. 
  • Web hosting, a previously mystic art that required expertise and success, is now an easy field to find a company that can offer the services you need.
  • Many companies fail because they don’t have a good website. to drive traffic and build marketing around.

Point2point can help websites with high-volume traffic maintain top-notch loading speeds and services. 

  • Places like insurance companies and high-traffic restaurant supply companies are dependent on their website, and a crash could prove disastrous. 
  • Why is loading speed critical? Because if someone tries to go to your website and it’s slow, they’re just going to find somewhere else.
  • If all you have is a cat blog, it probably won’t generate high traffic volume. (And it’s probably not necessary to invest in a website company.)

Hosting sites can offer different services, making it an essential investment for your business. 

  • It all comes down to how fast they can make changes, how cheaply they can make changes, and what changes they’re able to make.
  • Some people operate their websites like a storage unit – they provide the space but offer no services. Michael flipped that and aims to provide a full-service offering that both hosts and designs websites.

How to use integrations when building a website: 

  • With WordPress, Michael likes using it because you can easily drag and drop images, add press releases, and any other changes you might need.
  • Michael also uses Hubspot to assist with integrating things like QuickBooks because integrating financial and eCommerce platforms with your website simplifies your workload.

How has Michael stayed in business so long?

  • He gets his clients from awareness. His websites aren’t the cheapest, but they aren’t the most expensive. He gets clients from the positive word-of-mouth he gains from other people. It’s all about making great personal connections.
  • Google has a test that can tell you how it’s performing. Google My Business is free and is a great way to help register higher on Google, drastically moving you up in the search rankings. 
  • Michael’s final takeaway? Make sure your website has an SSO certificate. If you don’t have that, ask your hosting platform if they offer it. 

Book and Podcast Recommendations:

To get in touch with Michael, visit his company website or connect on LinkedIn. And for listeners of the podcast, Michael is offering three months of website hosting ( a $150 value) for free! Simply visit point2pointcentral.com and enter code “MOREPODCAST” to take advantage of this offer. (Michael’s company also offers consultations to help you get the most out of your hosting experience.)