Grow and Scale Your Business with Videos

Grow and Scale Your Business with Videos | Ron Green

Amid the burgeoning world of digital marketing and online media, one element has blossomed into a powerhouse: video. Video is the most consumed type of media and continues to grow and expand. Today on the MORE podcast, Ricardo is joined by video strategist Ron Green to learn how anyone can start creating video content that drives success

Video is extremely powerful.

People prefer them over still images and text, and video tells a story that compels people to watch what that video is portraying.

It is an effective tool to drive clients to your product and service.

The biggest myth in the video world: if you get one great video to be launched to success.

You should use multiple videos that work together like a machine that takes a prospective client or customer through a journey that ends with a purchase of your product or service.

Ron’s most effective types of videos for small businesses:

  • The promo video: About 40 seconds to one minute long, the promo video’s sole purpose is to drive traffic to your website. 
  • The brand message video: About two minutes in length, this is an in-depth video on your website that explains who you are and what your business does.
  • The testimonial video gives someone’s story of using your product or service to legitimize and establish trust for potential customers. 

Video can be used to supplement just about any other type of marketing. 

  • Add video links into your drip campaigns and social media to see increased engagement and reactions to the messaging you’re sending out.
  • Video might seem intimidating for people. But just like anything else, all it takes is practice and patience to grow the skill. 
  • A videographer captures footage, while a video strategist captures footage, acts as a director, and provides a strategy for video dissemination to obtain ROI.

What does he do to stay in business?

  • He stays accessible to people—networking and meeting people more intelligent than yourself leads to success.
  • Ron’s parting words: Everybody has a gift. Whether you’ve found it or not, take the time to look into your life, find your gift, and use it to serve the world.

Ron’s book and Clubhouse recommendations:

  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
  • Check out The Real Deal Video Strategist Club on Clubhouse