No, you dont need to be technical to use this tool

No, you don't need to be technical to use this tool

Modern marketing isn’t just for tech-savvy coding experts, especially if armed with the right tools to be successful. In today’s episode of the MORE podcast, Ricardo is joined by the founder of creative agency Underbelly, Anthony Lagoon, to learn the tech tools and platforms he uses to be successful.  

The primary platform for today’s discussion? Airtable

  • Airtable helps automate processes within the company and links several different tools together.
  • From sales funnel requests and client touchpoints to project management and potential roadmaps, Anthony maps out timelines a month in advance with Airtable. This helps his team plan for their workload, PTO, and hiring opportunities.
  • Airtable is much more robust than a spreadsheet. It creates automation without needing a developer.

Who is Airtable for?

  • It can be used by any business professional looking to move beyond the spreadsheet. 
  • If you get an email, it can scan it to determine the email type and then place it in the appropriate workflow.
  • Spreadsheets store information, but Airtable is the backend that can support more facilities of your organization.
  • If you have a website, it’ll be good as a content management system to automatically publish to a website and workflow.

How is Airtable different from comparable platforms?

  • Its competitors could be a time-tracking tool or no-code software like GlideApps to create custom applications. 
  • While it can get complex, there are simple integration opportunities with Google Sheets and similar platforms. 
  • Using Airtable helped Anthony cut 3-4 other tools from his current toolkit because of the wide variety of features Airtable offers.

Practical applications:

  • Anthony wanted a SaaS, but they had a limited budget.
  • With AirTable, they used Airtable as their background to make an Admin interface, which has been incredibly productive and allowed them to scale quickly.
  • Twillio is a third-party texting service.

Anthony’s final takeaways? As a business professional, he likes to learn something new each day. By focusing on his and his employees’ growth, he can plan for long-term success.

Anthony’s Book and Podcast Recommendations:

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