ManyChat connects to the tools you already use | Tatianna McDaniel

ManyChat connects to the tools you already use | Tatianna McDaniel

On today’s episode of MORE, Ricardo is joined with Tatiana McDaniel, digital marketing pro and CMO of Happy V. After working for years in advertising, Tatiana has since left the corporate world to build brands she’s passionate about. Happy V, a women’s wellness company committed to building women’s confidence.

How did Tatiana end up as CMO of her current company? 

  • Like many young college students, she had no idea what to do with her life after she tossed that cap in the air. But she knew she was fascinated with consumer behavior and why customers purchased things. 
  • She also knew working in the digital space would offer data to drive behavior analysis, which was a huge reason she joined the marketing world.

But why did she leave advertising if she liked it? 

  • Not only did she feel corporate burnout, but one thing she didn’t like was that she had little choice in choosing the companies she wanted to support. 
  • Because of that, she left her corporate job (in the middle of the pandemic) because she trusted and believed in the space her new position offered.

Tatiana uses ManyChat to alleviate some of her time restrictions.

  • In her current CMO role, one tool Tatiana loves is ManyChat. This message bot software integrates into your website, social channels, and even CRM to offer 24/7 support to your customers or site visitors.
  • It offers a lot of versatility, from lead generation and prospecting to customer service.
  • For Tatiana, ManyChat saves time by replacing their manual process.
  • Because it automates both messaging and resulting data analysis, it’s an excellent tool for small teams to capitalize on time.
  • Tatiana’s favorite element? It creates chat lines based on specific responses a person might send, allowing for small conversations that lead to clear and actionable results for the user.

What is Tatiana’s ultimate piece of advice for beginning entrepreneurs? Have a goal set in mind, build a team of people you trust, and ultimately, have fun!

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Happy V is running special offers on their products. Email to get any women’s wellness product at buy one get one free. There are also free products from their new brand, The Immunity Co., available on Amazon. Reach out to her email for more information about these deals. You can also find Tatiana on LinkedIn.