Harold Alexander – No more worries about email delivery with this tool

Harold Alexander - No more worries about email delivery with this tool

Harold is the CEO and founder of the Underground App. On today’s episode of MORE podcast, Ricardo talks with Harold, the CEO, and founder of Underground App, about his new app and an email service provider that he has used along the way, SMTP2GO

Why does Harold use SMTP2GO?

  • Any organization with a marketing system in place that is sending emails can benefit from SMTP2GO.
  • You can try it for free and if you want access to more features the subscription starts at $15 a month. 
  • It easily integrates directly into your backend application.
  • Great customer support. 
  • Harold found that many of the emails he was sending were going to spam. Once he started using SMTP2GO that stopped happening. 

What are the integration opportunities that exist with SMTP2GO?

  • Easy to integrate with CRM, Java, and PHP. 
  • Their website has sample code and great tutorials. 

How has Harold stayed in business through recent difficult times?

  • Continue communication with your clients. Make sure that they are happy and that you are providing them value. 
  • Harold always makes sure that in his communication everything is clear and transparent. He has kept clients coming back for many years with these principles. 
  • When you are truly providing value, your clients will refer you to others. 

Other information from Harold

To connect with Harold, find him on LinkedIn, Twitter, and subscribe to his newsletter

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