Georgee Low - Your business and life will flourish with this tool

In today’s episode of the MORE podcast, Ricardo is joined by Georgee Low, they discuss a method that Georgee has successfully used to help her clients make difficult decisions called Why Discovery. 

What is Why Discovery?

  • It is based on the work of Simon Sinek, and it gives you a decision making filter for everything that you do. 
  • George recommends this method to anyone who wants to create a business that really matters to the world. 

The process

  • Analyze 3-6 moments in your life that were truly impactful, a moment that you can really feel. Look for common themes from those moments and then create a statement. 
  • This statement will help you to recognize your values, which should be actionable. 
  • Use these actionable values to drive your decision making process. 

Who can benefit from Why Discovery?

  • Individuals who are struggling with finding their purpose and feel like they can’t articulate what is missing. 
  • Those who want their career to be about more than just making money. 
  • People who lack motivation. 

How is this different from other similar processes?

  • Oftentimes people think of purpose as WHAT you are doing, this process is about WHY you are doing it. 

How can we ensure this works for you?

  • For it to be useful, you have to use it. It takes effort. Georgee recommends that you write down your big why statement and review it at the end of each day. 
  • Once you create a habit, it becomes natural. 

Georgee’s book and podcast recommendations

If you would like to learn more about Why Discovery process and meet with Georgee visit You can also follow Georgee on Instagram and LinkedIn

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