Two things that bring most success digitally

Two things that bring most success digitally

President and co-founder Bill Durrant discusses his book the Digital Stone Age and what it takes to be massively successful in the digital world

Not all marketing tools have to be cutting-edge technology or platforms to be important. Sometimes all you need is a framework to shift your perspective to discover growth and increased revenue. On today’s episode of the MORE podcast, Ricardo is joined by the president and co-founder of Exverus Media, Bill Durrant, to discuss his book Digital Stone Age, which details what it takes to be successful in the digital world.

The Inception of the Digital Stone Age:

  • Over the last ten years of meeting with marketers, his team realized a few mindsets pervaded marketing thought. 
  • People were either digitally focused, pushing dollars to specific paid tactics, or traditionalists, focusing only with tv, radio, and mass communication platforms.
  • Research and experience say it’s a medium between the two that brings the most success, which Bill talks about in his book. 

The book became a tool: 

  • How do you get a business or a brand to think a certain way and take away learnings they can use to grow their business?
  • Bill’s book is high-value for anyone thinking about or working in marketing. (Especially if your business is already seven figures.)
  • If you’re running an operation or a business and want to understand the appropriate mindset, this book is for you.

Marketing is more than running ads on Facebook or Google. 

  • It’s how you can get involved in showing your business’s applications in the real world.
  • Digital media is less trustworthy than real-world interaction, but digital media in conjunction with traditional exposure is compelling in reminding people and driving them through the funnel.
  • Don’t stick rigidly to something never proven successful to begin with.

Marketing is not just a cost or expense; it’s an investment.

  • Think of it like dating. If you walk up to someone you’re interested in and directly ask them out without saying anything else, would you be successful?
  • Conversely, having a conversation, letting them know and understand you, and then asking them out would be far more effective.

Bill’s practical marketing takeaways:

  • The marketing funnel is the first thing to familiarize yourself with; it’s a great way to talk with consumers and B2B buyers.
  • The funnel isn’t just a theory, it’s a language and timeline marketers today use to speak.
  • Determine how your business fits into and implements that funnel, and you will be better able to track and develop growth.
  • When it comes to service, it’s always about building stronger relationships for those whom you’re serving.

Bill’s book and podcast recommendations:

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