Tool To Market Your Business Online

Tool To Market Your Business Online

In this episode, host Ricardo Berris talks to Chris Thomas, who runs Yonder Agency in Canton, GA, about a tool to market your business online. 

-Chris’s agency not only focuses on helping businesses grow online but they give their clients a software called Holler Box. Their business has grown because people recognized that digital marketing needed to happen during a time when many businesses were being challenged to just keep their doors open. 

-So how did this all begin? Chris was in the corporate world until the market crashed and became the creative director for a church of 15, 000 people. Through this, Chris went back to the corporate world after becoming addicted to the user experience design. While he was at the church an agency contacted him to help with prototypes and his first was working with the very first touchscreen for Wachovia. It was through a variety of prototypes that he was able to work with other big names like Nike, Callaway Golf, Weber, and others. He was able to be a fly on the wall with some of the best companies. 

-In 2019, Chris was trying to work out whether or not he would start his agency or be a freelancer. He decided to jump back into the local market and knew he could apply the corporate strategies that could be used at a local level. He had played on the market side and the product side and figured out the sales funnel. 

-The origins of Holler Box started about a year and a half ago but it was only in the last couple of months that Chris figured out a framework that worked. His clients could have one platform with all their tools in one place. Most people don’t understand what a sales funnel is or how to set it up. Yonder is an agency that can help you set it up but Holler Box lets you work it yourself once the triggers are in place. 

-An example would be if you sell water heaters and you wanted to give your customers the PDF, “5 Ways to Check Your Water Heater.” As a business, you need a place to put it. You then create a form on your website, and that starts your sales funnel as client information gets collected in exchange for the free PDF. 

-Some features of Holler Box include a chatbot, calendar booking, email builders, and more. They can also build funnel pages with landing pages within as well as the ability to set up courses so you can sell them within Holler Box. Not everyone will need all the features Holler Box offers but they are there when you do. 

-This tool is for everyone who runs a business and needs to put their clients through a sales process, no matter what size, even startups. Different price points will be based on the needs of your company.  

-What makes Yonder and Holler Box different? They walk you through the process and clients can get a guided experience. Chat is being added in April to the texting and email they already provide. 

-You can begin working with Yonder starting at $497 and for that, you get a phone number, you get your domain connected, you get email service, and more. Once you get into the tool you can do unlimited campaigns, messages, etc. The 30-day trial allows you to fully experience the service. 

-Marketing is not simple or easy. Why? Because many people don’t know who they are as a business and execute who they are. When you look at marketing, you have to ask yourself, “How can I get my name out there quicker and how can I help people realize that I’m going to help them with their life?”

-In April, Yonder is going to be coming out with a course to teach the basics of marketing, even before you ever call them or use Holler Box. They just want to educate businesses to help themselves and if you don’t want to do it yourself, Yonder can help. Set up an appointment today.

Find Chris on his website, or go to Linked In at Yonder Agency and Holler Box. You can also join Chris on his podcast, Yonderland, on a variety of platforms.