Stop stressing about the newest form of communication and use this one-stop tool to stream to multiple platforms | Stephen Hart

Are you using live streaming to your benefit? Whether for audience engagement, awareness, or anything else, this tactic, regardless of platform, has proven to be immensely influential in marketing strategy. But how can you best utilize this tactic? On today’s episode of the MORE podcast, Ricardo is joined by brand strategist, marketing maven, and founder of Trailblazers.FM Stephen Hart to explain a key tool that might help you out.

But first, who is Stephen?

  • By day, Stephen Hart is a marketing leader at the world’s largest cybersecurity institute. But at night, he’s the host of the Trailblazers.FM platform, a podcast and community created to explore the success stories of black entrepreneurs.
  • He’s also a brand strategist, creating online self-paced courses that help people design the life they want to live.

Stephen’s key to live streaming success – StreamYard.

  • Livestreaming and podcasting are the newest wave of new media and have a tremendous capacity for marketing.
  • However, the main downside of live streaming is that you typically only can live stream on one platform at a time, meaning you leave out some of your audience who isn’t on that specific platform. 
  • The solution? Enter StreamYard – a platform that allows you to live stream on all of your social media simultaneously. 

What does StreamYard do?

  • StreamYard allows you to stream on multiple platforms at once.
  • It also has small design inputs, giving you the ability to alter your stream’s background, title boxes, and appearance to match brand identity.
  • StreamYard also maintains the key of live streaming: real-time engagement. Just like a regular stream, with StreamYard, you can interact with your audience in real-time, and StreamYard will even tell you which social media platform each person is watching from.

Streamyard can be used by just about anyone.

  • There is not much need for technical knowledge, which gives everyone the ability to use and get functions from the platform.
  • There are many applications for live streaming. And with the StreamLine platform, you don’t necessarily have to live stream; you can use it for a static recording to edit and publish.
  • Stephen’s major takeaway? Once you establish an audience, be consistent with your content. 

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