Grant McGaugh – How to get the best out of branding with this 4-step process

Grant McGaugh - How to get the best out of branding with this 4-step process

In this episode you will learn the 4-step process to get the best out of your branding efforts. 

Social selling and the power it can provide
– Tweaking your profile that tells the story you need it to
– Your prospects and anyone to that you meet will be checking out your LinkedIn Profile
– Aligning your message with what your product offering provides.

Four-step process
1. Skills Gap Workbook – what do you want to accomplish
2. Review your SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) for your business
3. Fully defined Target Market demographics
4. Recommendations to fill the gaps of what has been identified.

This process is important for any business – small to large.
– Ideation of where your business is and if it aligns with your mission and values.
– New businesses will get a leg up in building a successful company.
– Existing businesses who are developing a new product that is going to market.
– This process will work with any industry focus.
– Repurpose your content to attract prospects.

Tools that assist you building your brand:
– InMail feature in LinkedIn
– Events on LinkedIn
– StreamMart
– Grammarly
– Audacity for podcasts
– Canva

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