2 Must-Have Tools to Start 2021

2 Must-Have Tools to Start 2021

In this episode, Rafael Savino, Co-Owner, and Managing Director at Ascendance Studio

in Miami, Florida joins the host of Get More, Ricardo Berris, to talk about 2 must-have tools to start 2021 that will help you organize and automate your customer contacts. Ricardo shares the strategies that help him run the business side of his studio. 

Tool 1: Airtable.com

-The power of a relational database but with the simplicity of a spreadsheet. 

-Flexible use for a variety of businesses. 

-Helps you manage products, services, invoices, and other processes specific to your business. 

-Information shareable between spreadsheets so data doesn’t have to be duplicated. 

-Keep data fresh by easily adding and updating customer information to previous and current invoices.

-Intuitive usage makes it ideal for people who don’t have a lot of prior technical knowledge, and especially for those familiar with spreadsheets. 

-Usage resources available on the website and YouTube for additional support.

-Great for small businesses or small teams who want to collaborate.

-Airtable.com has a very generous free tier. Rafael has been able to use this tool without upgrading to their paid version. 

-No need to install any software. You just go straight to the website and it stores your data.

-Have the ability to upload images, including QR codes, and use an editorial calendar.

Tool 2:  Zapier.com

-Allows non-technical business people to create workflows where data move from one piece of software to the other one without having to go back and forth.

-Allows a variety of tools to have an API (application programming interface).

-With Zapier, you don’t need to know how to code. 

-Allows different tools to communicate after just answering a few questions. 

-Has more than one thousand apps to connect within their ecosystem.

-They have free and premium versions. 

Key points: 

-For the greatest efficiency and value, when you are looking at using various tech tools, check to see what other tools are compatible.

-Don’t be afraid to try the tools you’re curious about. 

-If one tool doesn’t work for you, keep trying others. 

-Many tools look complicated because of their many capabilities but just work with the specific needs of your company. 

If you’d like to get in touch with Rafael, you can reach him at RafaelSavino@gmail.com.

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